Mini Song Bag



Mini Song Bag, a perfect compact and lightweight choice for your summer. Its size effortlessly meets the demands of daily needs, allowing you to carry your essentials with ease. It also adds charm to any outfit and elevates your fashion game as a chic accessory.

Upgrading from the original Mini Song bag from a few seasons ago, we’ve achieved a new three-dimensional shape and structure that truly stands out with the perfect blend of practicality and style.

Designed with the vibrant seasons of spring and summer in mind, our product comes in a delightful array of colors. With countless options available, you can freely choose the perfect shade to match your style and personality.

– Materials: Milled fine calf leather
-Interior Lining: Microfiber Leather
– Matte gold finish vintage hardware, fade resistant
– W 17cm/6.7” * 8.5cm/3.35” * 12.5cm/4.92”
– Weight: 250g/0.55lbs
– 4 metal feet for bottom protection
– Adjustable shoulder strap: 102-132cm / 40.16”-51.97”

* The above measurements are standard measurements. If there are slight deviations, they are considered normal. Due to the different shooting light, angle and monitor contrast, there may be some color variations between the actual product and the photographs. The final color is subject to the actual object.


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